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13th-Feb-2017 04:10 pm - Gabriel & Charles | Status Check
A therapy session with Charles Xavier, about two years after the events of The Dark Phoenix sent Gabriel into a tailspin.

Like, it all feels false. Or broken or — like, I don't know, like I can see the seams?Collapse )
9th-Feb-2017 05:38 pm - Succes!
Sooraya and Ev have a breakthrough in Dust's powers training.

"Marvelously done! That was great, Sooraya."Collapse )
16th-Sep-2016 08:00 pm - Alex and Marie-Ange (Backdated)
over da shoulder
Drunk Alex meets maybe-drunk-maybe-just-weird Marie-Ange (Spoiler: Just weird) at Gabriel's BBQ. Backdated to September 16.

Are you drunk or do you always act like this?Collapse )
27th-Jan-2017 09:20 pm - With Extreme Prejudice, chapter 6
Spider-Miles Spider-Miles
Meanwhile, Spider-Man tracks down Dan Hanrahan to get some answers, and finally discovers who the serial killer is. It does not end well for Miles.

It was simple physics, and Miles knew that subject well.Collapse )
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