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21st-Mar-2017 06:21 pm - Marie-Ange and Hope, drinks.
I told you so
Marie-Ange gives Hope a quick lesson in pharamacology and mixology, and then sets her on some homework.

The last one, but, this one is actually spiked. Try to guess what is in it. It is not poison.Collapse )
20th-Mar-2017 05:05 pm - Angel and Angelo || Monday Afternoon
Angelo visits Angel with food and a suggestion for her paper.

I think it's time Dienekes got dusted off.Collapse )
13th-Mar-2017 09:28 pm - Angelo and Amanda, backdated
optimist grey
Amanda comes to visit and make sure Angelo's taking care of himself as well as Jean-Phillipe

Look at us, all grown up and responsibleCollapse )
16th-Mar-2017 06:42 am - Amanda, Kurt, And Meggan
apocalyptically dorky playful
Amanda, Kurt, and Meggan have a sibling catch up day while they’re snowed in.

Then let this Official Family Bonding Time begin!Collapse )
member of Generation X
Kyle helps Miles process the death of Dan Hanrahan and figure out what are the limits of being a superhero.

Have you ever killed someone?Collapse )
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