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31st-Jan-2016 12:58 am - Rahne & Illyana, January 2016
just let me sleep
Roommates, after nightmares; faith, free will, knowledge.

Don't you ever worry?Collapse )
Finally in the kitchen, Our Heroes try and get some help, but realise they're going to have to do things their own way.

I couldn't get his attention without getting myself smooshed.Collapse )
what do I do now?, magical macguffin
After being sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, Our Heroes find themselves in the garbage. Literally.

Clever, Steve, now shift your arse.Collapse )
7th-Feb-2016 06:40 pm - MA and Doug
Winter Hat
Backdated literally a year because I am the worst.

MA and Doug on the ski trip. Just some idle-chat.

You can replace it by imagining Wade's face when I also tell him I am making him get a pedicure.Collapse )
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